Groups are welcome to our studio for a special yoga or pilates class / session, customized for you!

Are you a group of friends traveling in Greece? Colleagues on a business trip for a corporate event? Scientists traveling in Athens for a conference / congress? People who just met in a hotel during their city break in Athens?

You can include a yoga or pilates session to your stay, customized to the schedule and the needs of your group.

Organize a yoga or pilates session for your group, during your stay in Athens!

You can choose of the following propositions

  • Wake-up yoga (hatha or vinyasa) or pilates mat session (early in the morning)
  • Full hatha yoga class including relaxation, duration 1:30, any time of the day
  • Relaxing yoga during hot summer afternoons at about 15:00
  • Late evening relaxing yoga session, starting at 19:30 or later…

Or ask for any other option that will be convenient for your group!