Yoga workshop with Victor van Kooten - Open Space Studio - December 2016
  • Event Time:
  • Location: Open Space Studio
  • instructors: Victor van Kooten
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Curiosity is something of an inborn quality in all of us. We want to know why we are here, where we came from and what will happen when we die. We search or have other people search for us and tell us what they found. That search for the origin of it all is also called yoga, a path of self-discovery that eventually leads one into a state of being where one feels connected to all and everything.

When one truly go deep inside, one comes to that age old wisdom that bubbles up and without reading books or following lectures, one joins the real human tradition which then continues through the practice as a new blossoming branch of the tree of life.

My interest in the practice has always been to discover new ways to experience the connection between the body and its energy that created it and re-creates it; this energy that can never be defined but only refined. Since no one is looking similar to anyone else, the practice should give a personal freedom in order to discover the particular personal pathways. Do we dare to trust who we are? Are we really confident enough to take the time for self-exploration or yoga as it is also called?