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Starts: 20/04/2016
Instructors: Mestre Pepeto
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Regular classes of Capoeira with Barracao da Capoeira Athens and Mestre Pepeto.
Capoeira is an afro-brazilian type of art that combines elements of martial arts, music and dance. It was born in Brazil by native slaves and slaves that were brought from Africa, specifically from current Angola, somewhere after the sixteenth century. The participants in a game of Capoeira form a circle (roda), play the traditional musical instruments and sing, while some of them play in pairs inside the circle. The game develops with an alternation of the players, a process that develops in a ritualistic way.

Capoeira or the Dance of War

Johann Moritz Rugendas, 1835

The history of capoeira begins in the 18th century. The oldest known descriptive text on capoeira was written by Melo de Morais Filho, who documented the popular traditions of Brazil. The slaves in Brazil during their battle for freedom created Capoeira. Since then capoeira has developed and today there are two forms of capoeira; one is called Capoeira Angola and the other called Capoeira Regional. Capoeira Angola is a slower and lower style where Capoeira Regional is faster and has adapted other martial art movements such as Savate and Batukue.

Benefits of Capoeira

The art of capoeira will bring to you health, hapiness and fitness. In a personal level capoeira will build your confidence, will give you the right balance between body and mind, and you will learn and icrease your musicality and rhythm. Capoeira is also works as part of a social integration between people of different background, giving you the chance to meet so many different people and become part of a big community that grows each day. In a more physical way you will do a full body work out, including muscles that you never used before. You will increase your agility, strength and stamina. Fatigue comes mainly through regular training, but there is an immediate boost to your daily energy levels, your fitness will improve quickly and stress levels will reduce quite rapidly.