Hello to everyone and welcome back, back to school!

Welcome back from your summer vacation (for those who did), from summer jobs (inside and outside Athens) and from all kinds of trips. Even for those who did not leave at all, welcome back to the regularity of Athens and the occupations of the new “academic” period.

So what are we waiting for this new year? We hope for a minimal tranquility and optimism in social and economic terms, even a small assumption of the misery that has overwhelmed us in recent years. But in addition to our hopes and wishes, we in Open Space Studio do our best to take a few steps forward. We do everything we can to improve our space, our presence and our organization, always with the limitations – especially financial ones – that make it hard for us to do it on the first day of our venture.

We are offering again quite a few choices of regular classes for you: yoga, capoeira, tai chi (tàijí quán) / chigung, pilates, barre a terre, Indian dance and other.

We will also organize important workshop inviting distinguished teachers from abroad, mainly on weekends, so that they are accessible both in terms of time and cost. We believe that, in the current economic situation, our emphasis on such events is very useful for Greek people who is having difficulty traveling abroad to meet international personalities, as they have done before.

Finally, this year, we will make an effort to add a little more color and liveliness to our space. Without changing our character and style, we will frame our educational activity with more art, entertainment and other social events.

We are expecting your participation, your suggestions and any kind of contribution that can help us to our interesting journey. Welcome back!