Having successfully hosting very interesting yoga seminars and workshops in our studio, we will continue in the same path for the following year. The schedule is not fixed yet but we can give an overview of our plans

  • We are expecting Victor Van Kooten, to come on December 2016 for an intensive weekend. You can see about last year’s workshop here
  • Angela Farmer will visit us in March 2017 for a magical 2 days workshop, this great experience for everyone who likes yoga, regardless of style or level. Please be sure to book your place on time, because it will definitely be sold out!
  • Martine le Chenic will come again for this unique 2+1 day seminar in May 2017, an ideal workshop for advanced students and yoga teachers.
  • Finally we are organizing a yoga retreat for June 2017 in Evia island and an intensive workshop at the end of August 2017 in Athens.

There will be an announcement for each event during the following months, in our section

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