OpenSpaceStudio May 2016
  • Τοποθεσία: Open Space Studio
  • Εκπαιδευτές: Martine le Chenic
Κανε κρατηση

Our beloved teacher, Martine le Chenic, will be again in our studio for a fascinating pranayama workshop.

«Pranayama removes the veil covering the light of knowledge and heralds the dawn of wisdom».

Patanjali’s yoga sutra II – 52, translation by BKS Iyengar

JOURNEY IN THE WIND: Pranayama & Deep Relaxation workshop

During that week-end, we will have an overview of the asanas leading to a comfortable sitting position without strain in the spine, and back muscles and the anatomy of breath. This will prepare us for the pranic fields. We will explore the natural breath, as it is in a relaxed body:

  • Harmonization of the rhythm of inhalation/exhalation,
  • Observation of the natural tempo, 4-beat measure
  • Feel how different rhythms can lead to a more subtle state of consciousness
  • Dynamic of the lower belly in Uddiyana Bandha, Kapalabhati
  • Study of a simplified mudra for digital pranayamas
  • Pranayama: Ujjayi, Viloma, Naddhi Sodhana, Brahmari

In the afternoon sessions we will explore Savasana in different ways which will lead us to a vibration and cellular breathing. We will study the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of rest.
We will end this week-end with an approach of sounds

Extra session (Monday morning) -> Moving into backbends

This workshop will end with 3-hour yoga session that aims at illustrating how the opening of the back body, which includes the back pelvis and diaphragm, assists deep, effortless backbending with a distinct flavor of meditation in action.

This workshop will be in English, without translation.

Saturday 13rd & Sunday 14th of May -> 10:30 – 13:30 & 15:00 – 17:00

Monday 15th of May -> 11:00 – 14:00

About Martine le Chenic

In 1972, after finishing her studies in philosophy and art history in France, Martine dedicated herself to the study of yoga at the side of BKS Iyengar in India and Viktor Van Kooten in Europe. She became one of the most senior Iyengar yoga teachers on the continent.
In 1993 her urge to understand the workings of the inner body led her to the chi master V. Stevanovitch with whom she studied Chinese energy arts. Her work with him equipped her with the precise energy tools for her exploration of the interior world. Under this influence she began studying Chinese medicine as well as different types of oriental massage (shiatsu, do in, ayurvedic massage) from J.B. Rishi and the Japanese masters Namikoshi and Matsunaga. This work allowed her to bring these healing arts into hospitals and centres of alternative medicine where she worked on patients and at the same time trained the staff in these technics.
Along with her studies of yogic and Chinese energy arts, Martine was also influenced very early on by the spirit of Celtic and American indian shamanism. Her most recent research has led her to the study of sound and subsequently to the healing properties of vibration.
Martine’s teaching reflects her thorough understanding of the way energy circulates in the human body and offers the students the possibility of awakening body consciousness in the presence of space. Through precision, silence and breath, one learns to recognise the unity of spirit, body and heart. Her gift as a teacher is her ability to transmit and share her experience step by step, inviting everyone to perceive directly a way of immediate and intuitive knowledge of Life.
Martine gives classes, workshops and trains yoga teachers in France and abroad. She participates at different congresses about yoga, ethics, health, art and the sacred.

Registration at
The whole workshop (3 days) costs 150€, weekend only costs 120€ and Monday morning only (3 hours) costs 40€
A deposit is required to book a place: 50€ for the whole workshop, 40€ for weekend only, and 20€ for Monday morning only. PayPal, credit-debit card, bank transfer and cash payment available. The deposit is refundable by half, only for cancellations until the 8th of May.